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Additional Services Offered

I have given an outline of each therapy I am able to offer. However; if you would like to gain more in depth  information about any of the therapies, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be very happy to arrange to have an informal and no obligation conversation with you.   

In addition to the services listed below I also offer


Please don't hesitate to contact me for a no obligation conversation regarding Clinical Supervision. 

I have extensive experience in offering clinical supervision to other therapy practitioners and I am able to offer clinical supervision within my Seaford practice. I can offer Clinical Supervision face to face or via Skype and I charge £75.00 per hour.

I ask for completion of an initial questionnaire regarding your current work and supervision needs. The next step would be to set up an initial assessment session. If after the initial assessment session we both agree it suitable to work together I would ask you to provide actual evidence of relevant and suitable qualifications for the client work being undertaken; membership of relevant governing bodies; professional liability insurance; and other information that may be deemed necessary. Once this is received and deemed appropriate for the client group being worked with regular appointments would be set up.  

Additional Therapies now offered 

Lifespan Integration Therapy

This is a therapy developed by Peggy Pace. It uses specific protocols to integrate and clear traumatic events and also to process attachment based trauma. It is extremely gentle but extremely effective.    

Internal Family Systems

This is a therapy developed by Richard Schwartz. It works with all the different aspects of a person that we all have. It sees each part as having a role that is essential to the health of the person even it is seemingly working against us. And also that each part holds a unique role in the system but is not the whole. For example a perfectionisic part of a person may have developed to prevent any possibility of failure which perhaps would have caused being harshly criticised or ridiculed by a parent/caregiver/teacher. The perfectionistic part is therefore protecting a traumatised child part. IFS would gradually work to help the person to unburden the original trauma so that the protective part (in this example the perfectionism) can be released     


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